Create amazing 3D weather radar maps

Published June 7th, 2022

3D weather maps

3D Radar visualizations are now possible with MapTiler Weather, letting you take your weather maps to a new level. 

Millions of people check weather forecast maps daily. Make sure your users benefit from this cutting-edge feature of our next-generation javascript library, made for rendering weather data as 60FPS animations directly in a web browser.

Interactive 3D radar

Imagine tracking hurricanes or tornadoes in 3D across space & time, and then pausing the animation to look inside the storm cells… why don’t you try it yourself!2022-06-07-create-amazing-3d-weather-maps-2.jpg


With MapTiler Weather, your users can immerse themselves in your weather maps. The 3D radar user interface is optimized for web browsers and touch-display devices.

High-resolution weather data

Your maps are only as good as your data; this is especially important for 3D radar. To make the best visualizations, high-resolution imagery with many vertical layers are critical.

We’ve partnered with a premier weather data provider, Meteomatics, to give you extremely precise local forecasts, with a resolution down to a few hundred meters!

Weather data is the fuel for these visualizations, and we have taken the hard work out of sourcing the best data for your applications.2022-06-07-create-amazing-3d-weather-maps-3.jpgIf you want to start making weather maps now, then get in touch:


Luis Suter

Luis Suter

Sales Director
Published on June 7th, 2022