MapTiler at the biggest map conference SotM 2022

Published August 22nd, 2022

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The annual State of the Map conference organized by the OpenStreetMap community is the biggest mapping conference in the world! The event lets individuals, communities, and companies gather to discuss current issues and future plans, or to meet and make new friends.

MapTiler regularly participates in this event because it is one of the biggest consumers of the open data produced by the community. It is also present as a contributor to many open-source projects, mainly the free vector tiles generating toolset OpenMapTiles.

Focus on open data and software

Throughout the entire conference, many topics were touched on to improve the current situation. There were various points of view and issues; some talks were purely technical, and others were about the community around the project. However, the goal was the same: a strong drive to improve global open map data.

Our talk was about the new open map style. It was developed as the default style for the OpenMapTiles project and was heavily inspired by the OSM Carto style but re-done for vector tiles using the OpenMapTiles schema. See the entire talk below.

If you want to use the OSM OpenMapTiles style, you can read more about it or start using it with the free account on MapTiler Cloud.

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Jiri Komarek

Jiri Komarek

Senior Technical Copywriter
Published on August 22nd, 2022