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OpenStreetMap Style

The familiar OpenStreetMap style for vector tiles and raster basemaps

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Feature rich basemaps for apps

All the features, regularly updated, ready to use or customize for your webmap or app.

OpenStreetMap road network

Roads network

OpenStreetMap landcover


OpenStreetMap landuse


OpenStreetMap points of interest

Points of interest

OpenStreetMap buildings


OpenStreetMap how you want it

Display all the features on the map or customize it to just the ones that are relevant.

Use MapTiler Cloud’s editing tool to start with a familiar map and create your perfect style.

Use vector tiles to view OpenStreetMap with sharp detail as you zoom, pan and tilt.

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Cartographic assets

The OpenStreetMap style uses a broad pallete to visualize the huge range of different features on show.

OpenStreetMap colors

Highways, lanes, and paths are represented with a clear hierarchy making the roads network easy to understand.

OpenStreetMap line symbols

Selected points of interest are displayed at different zoom levels with symbols that are familiar to OpenStreetMap users.

OpenStreetMap POI icons

Place names are rendered with the Open Sans font family with different weights for easy-to-read map labels.

OpenStreetMap map style labels

Explore cities, countries and continents at different zoom levels.

OpenStreetMap map of rivers
OpenStreetMap map of train station
OpenStreetMap map of city
OpenStreetMap map of La Habana

Available as:

vector tiles

Vector tiles

MapTiler SDK, native MVT clients

raster tiles

Raster tiles

map services

Map services


Other map styles

Start using OpenStreetMap style via Maps API


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