MapTiler Desktop becomes MapTiler Engine

Published October 24th, 2022

MapTiler Desktop changes name to Engine

MapTiler Desktop is now MapTiler Engine! It comes with lots of stunning improvements and is available to download now.  


Highlights include:

  • Renamed Engine, emphasizing the power it gives you to turn spatial data into web maps
  • Optimized PNG tiles that use less storage and render faster
  • A new one-click tool for transparency color selection
  • Lower prices across all plans to save you money
  • Process up to 10 files with the Plus plan 
  • Try all the functionality of the Pro plan with an instant free trial
  • Add custom watermarks
  • Advanced options for Kubernetes and floating licenses with the Enterprise Plan
  • Instantly view your data on MapTiler basemaps with pre-generated HTML map viewers
  • An updated interface, making it even easier to use

Desktop becomes Engine

We have renamed MapTiler Desktop to MapTiler Engine to better reflect how the software drives the process of turning your spatial data into web maps. The new software has improvements at all levels, including a new Enterprise plan with powerful features such as virtualization and floating licenses.

Optimized PNGs for faster web maps

The new optimized PNG tiles created by MapTiler Engine occupy less space and render much faster. They are the default format option, Small (optimized), when choosing compression. If your workflow means you need the old compressed format, select the Small (quantized) option in the output settings.


PNG quantized

(old default)

PNG optimized

(new default)

Storage saving
Aerial (JPEG) sample3,182 MB160 MB95%
Synthetic (PNG) sample3 MB1 MB66%

Pick a color for transparency with a single click

The transparency settings in MapTiler Engine have been extended with the interactive color picker! This allows you to select the transparency color with one click on the image. This can then be set once for all the input files.

We have written a “How to” guide for this feature.

Affordable prices and more benefits in every plan

With MapTiler Engine, we are bringing more flexible licensing based on monthly or annual subscriptions. Thanks to this change, MapTiler Engine is now much more affordable for any use case, monthly if you are doing a few renderings or an annual subscription for long-term usage.

The Free plan gives you fully-fledged rendering of a single input for non-commercial purposes. No watermarks and no fees.

The Plus plan allows you to process up to 10 files and benefits from better rendering time by running on more CPU cores. It can also process vector inputs with more features. All of that and more, from just $25 a month.

The most powerful Pro plan is now available for anyone who needs all of the capabilities of MapTiler Engine. Just activate your trial from the application; if it’s what you need, you’ll love that an annual subscription is half the price of the old version!

To make upgrading as easy as possible for existing customers, you’ll get a discount of up to 100% on a new plan. Just open up your old version of MapTiler Desktop and you will get a coupon with a code. Alternatively you can log into MapTiler Cloud and go to the Engine page of the Account section.

You can see all the benefits of the new plans on our pricing page.


Custom watermarks

Another cool feature Engine brings is adding a custom watermark to your output. In the Watermark tab of the settings dialog, you can simply load a logo, check the preview, and include it in all the rendered outputs.

Virtualization and enterprise settings

To satisfy the requirements even of the most advanced users, MapTiler Engine now has a custom Enterprise plan, which supports virtualization (Kubernetes, Docker) in combination with floating licensing and a custom number of CPU cores.

View tiled maps instantly

Zoom and pan around your data without having to code an interface. MapTiler Engine includes new HTML viewers with our amazing basemaps as part of your output. You can instantly view your data and put it on the web without having to do any coding.2022-10-24-maptiler-desktop-becomes-engine-2.png

Start now!

Get MapTiler Engine now and start creating brilliant tiled maps for the web!


Martin Mikita

Martin Mikita

Senior Tech Lead & Developers Chief
Published on October 24th, 2022