Merging tilesets in MapTiler Engine 13.3

Published June 12th, 2024

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MapTiler Engine 13.3 has been released! This latest version brings great new features that help you to open and process your data faster, and merge two or more tilesets together.


Key benefits

  • Merging tilesets
  • Improved performance for all input data formats
  • Enhanced MapTiler Engine Pro Trial version




Merging tilesets to update huge datasets

MapTiler Engine now lets users merge multiple tilesets into a single file. This makes updating large tilesets with new data, such as drone imagery, efficient since there's no need to reprocess the entire dataset. The process is purely visual - users can reorder tilesets in the map window and preview the output before merging. Currently, MapTiler Engine supports merging tilesets in the MBTiles format.

Compared to the features available in the older version of our software, MapTiler Engine 13.3 offers four main improvements: merging more than two files at once, visual management of tilesets, setting layer order visually, and naming the output file.



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Improved performance for all input data formats

Our mission to provide the fastest map tiling tool has reached another milestone. Reading both raster and vector data in formats like TIFF, PNG, JPEG, JP2, PDF, ECW, DGN, DXF, GeoJSON, and SHP is now significantly faster.

Additionally, you can seamlessly switch between operating systems, as all these formats are supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Blazing-fast opening of multiple TIFF files


Supported formats


Enhanced MapTiler Engine Pro Trial version

Test the full power of MapTiler Engine with our free 14-day Pro Trial that is available to all users. It will give you access to all Pro features. Activation is now easier and provides full visibility of the remaining trial days without requiring credit card details. Upgrading to a paid plan during the trial comes with a special offer.



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MapTiler Engine sets standards for map tiling software by integrating features that enable quick, convenient, and efficient creation of high-quality map tiles of any size for your projects. Prepare your data for publishing on the web with ease using MapTiler Engine.





Jaroslav Polacek

Jaroslav Polacek

Product Manager
Published on June 12th, 2024