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Commercial use
Terms of use
Included requests/month Up to 100 thousand 500 thousand 5 million
Each additional 1000 requests - $0.05 $0.05*
Storage (upload your vector/raster MBTiles) - 1 GB/5 datasets** 100 GB/100 datasets
Vector maps 111
Custom map styles 520100
Weekly updates 111
Standard raster maps (XYZ)
Geocoding service
Static maps API 11
Map service (WMTS) 11
SLA (99.9% availability) 1
Possible purchase via invoice (for a year) 1
Base price per month Free 20 USD 245 USD
Start with a free account Buy now Buy now

Prices are without VAT.

* volume discounts available, contact sales
** 10 GB/10 datasets applies to MapTiler Desktop subscribers

Multi-user accounts

There is an option to purchase a multi-user account feature, which is currently released as BETA.

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How can I try MapTiler Cloud?

Create a free account to try the most of the MapTiler Cloud features.

What is a request?

1 request = 1 map tile load. A single map view usually generates 4 requests if vector tiles are used, or 10-16 requests for raster tiles with 256px size. Try it yourself. A static map counts always as 16 requests regardless its size or type. With the number of your map visitors you can easily estimate your price or compare it with other map providers.

Where can I see the number of requests counted within my account?

Your requests statistics are available in the Analytics section of your account.

What happens when I use up all the requests included in my plan?

We will notify you. In case of the FREE plan with the limit exceeded significantly, you will have to wait for the next month to use the service fully again. In case of the FLEX or UNLIMITED plan, each additional 1000 requests will be charged by the amount specified in the pricing above.

How does Geocoding impact the number of requests?

The geocoding service is in beta phase without any guarantees and we do not charge anything for this at the moment. It is completely free including the autocomplete feature!

What do I need the storage for?

The storage enables you to upload and host your own maps created by MapTiler Desktop. Data management is available in the Cloud administration.

Are there any additional charges to a third party even though Iā€™m using its open source JS library?

No, while using MapTiler Cloud, there are no other costs related to any third party. We use SDKs and JavaScript APIs which are 100% open-source.

Do I get a discount?

The discount is available for the UNLIMITED plan with higher volumes of requests. If you expect more than 5 million requests per month contact sales.

How do I pay for the service?

Both FLEX and UNLIMITED plans can be purchased online with a credit card or PayPal in your account settings. The UNLIMITED plan adds an option to prepay the service for one year via the price quote & invoice process. If you are interested contact sales.

I would like to re-sell the service, which plan is suitable for me?

The only plan which allows reselling is the UNLIMITED plan with multi-license. If you are interested contact sales The price quote & invoice process with yearly payments is available.