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FOSS4G 2023

MapTiler is sponsoring FOSS4G 2023 Visit our stand and come see our talks

Come see us at FOSS4G

As Bronze Sponsors of FOSS4G 2023 we have a stand where you can come and speak to our experts

Dalibor Janak
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OpenSource Talks

We are giving four talks at FOSS4G. Have a look below to see which ones you want to attend. Don’t forget to speak to Jachym Cepicky and Dalibor Janak at the B2B Event too.

Jachym Cepicky

Jachym: Tiling big piles of raster data using open source software and MapTiler Engine

Video: https://youtu.be/1hiPoTFn1CA
Details: https://talks.osgeo.org/foss4g-2023/talk/RGSUDP/
Slides: google drive

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Open-source maps made for self-hosting. Free OpenStreetMap vector tiles for everybody.

GitHub: openmaptiles

Jonathan Lurie

Jonathan Lurie: MapTiler SDK, the MapLibre experience on steroids

Details: https://talks.osgeo.org/foss4g-2023/talk/JJMSXT/
Slides: google drive

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MapLibre 2

JavaScript library for displaying vector maps using WebGL.

GitHub: maplibre-gl-js

Petra Duriancikova

Petra Duriancikova: Cartographic design for vector tiles: Best practices and open-source recipes for beautiful maps

Video: https://youtu.be/LA7lUrim1OE
Details: https://talks.osgeo.org/foss4g-2023/talk/KC9ALU/
Slides: google drive

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MapTiler QGIS Plugin

Vector & raster basemaps in QGIS from MapTiler Cloud. Add customized OpenStreetMap, terrain, and satellite layers with a few clicks..

GitHub: qgis-maptiler-plugin

Tomas Pohanka

Tomas Pohanka: OpenMapTiles - vector tiles from OpenStreetMap & Natural Earth Data

Details: https://talks.osgeo.org/foss4g-2023/talk/TMKBHE/
Slides: google drive

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Web Cartography

Find out more about customizing maps with MapTiler.

open source community

Have a look at all the other great work we do with the OpenSource Community

MapTiler ♥ OpenSource

Blog posts about open source

GeoCamp ES group of attendees

Wladimir Szczerban / December 4th, 2023

GeoCamp ES 2023

MapTiler image 2022-08-22-sotm-1.jpg

Jiri Komarek / August 22nd, 2022

MapTiler at the biggest map conference SotM 2022

OpenStreetMap map style in vector tiles

Nicolas Bozon / May 4th, 2022

OpenStreetMap Vector Basemaps