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Met Office Visualizing climate data

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The Met Office is the United Kingdom's national weather service. Their expertise lies in meteorological predictions across all timescales, from daily forecast to climate change.

Clean map design for overlaying weather data

Maps are an integral part of the Met Office experience, covering broad forecasts from wind gust, storm fronts to surface pressure. Data-driven visualizations can be complex, so it is important that relevant information is clearly communicated.

MapTiler Cloud enables the Met Office to display meteorological information with a plain map design, to let their data stand out. Removing unnecessary distractions on the base map helps keep the focus on the critival weather information.

uk weather clouds map

Real-time climate data

Millions of people rely on the MetOffice on a daily basis for accurate maps that deliver more than just forecasts. They let people know if they should take an umbrella, pack the sunglasses or stay home because of a snowstorm.

Weather information and severe weather warnings are highlighted with beautiful colors and animations.

met office mobile application

Maps show only relevant information

Some forecasts are more important than others like it is in the case of weather warnings.

Highlighting hazardous weather conditions is a great way to emphasize weather-related threats such as heavy snow, icy roads, or thick fog. This crucial data can enormously help people to get back home safely.

uk hazard map

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