GeoPackage in MapTiler Desktop 8.0

Published July 12th, 2017

MapTiler Engine 8 with GeoPackage

MapTiler Desktop 8.0 is here - and it can generate map tiles in OGC GeoPackage format. The standardized OGC GeoPackage can store the tiles in the most popular mercator profile as well as in the coordinate systems specific for your country.   

For the standard tile profile in Mercator - the generated GeoPackage file (.gpkg) is also compliant to MBTiles format in the same moment - which makes it very versatile and compatible with many viewers and software tools.

Our utility for direct fast uploading of the map tiles to the most popular cloud hostings (such as Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3 buckets) now supports the GeoPackage format too - for all profiles generated by MapTiler Desktop. This means you can push any tiles to a reliable hosting which costs a few cents - and you get a web viewer and WMTS compatible with ArcGIS and QGIS. This including map tiles in a local coordinate system - and available for batch processing and automation as cloudpush command in the terminal.

It is possible to drop 16-bit raster input files into MapTiler Desktop - and they are automatically scaled into 8-bit RGBA output tiles - which eliminates the need for extra preprocessing in some cases.

MapTiler Desktop graphic interface now allows to visually pick a colour for transparency from the input file. There is no need to use 3rd party software to select required background colour of your map.

We have updated the internal Proj4 library with the latest database of the coordinate systems and projections.

MapTiler Desktop 8.0 also includes the following features:

  • QuadKey tiling scheme output in the folder (known from Microsoft Bing Maps)
  • Online preview of the bounding box for the input file
  • The GUI remembers Amazon S3 / Google Cloud Storage credentials
  • Global projected cutline applicable on more input files [Pro command line]

The updated version is now available at Try it out for free now! 

Martin Mikita

Martin Mikita

Senior Tech Lead & Developers Chief
Published on July 12th, 2017