Design own map with five clicks

Published September 4th, 2018

Multiple map styles

UPDATE: We have created a completely new map customization tool for you since this post was written! Read all about it here: Design amazing maps with our new style editor

Creating beautiful map fitting your brand is no longer a difficult job. With MapTiler Cloud, you pick five colors and the entire map adjust accordingly.

Own map design straightforward

If you ever browsed our maps, maybe you got the feeling: this style is almost perfect but I need just a small change to fit the map with app or web design. Now you can fix it only with a few mouse clicks.

The Make your own map button will lead you directly to the Customize tool where you can drag just one color and all map elements in the group adjust accordingly. The changes can be reset to the default if needed so there is no need to hold back during experimenting. You can also copy a color scheme from a map you made before, change the language of labels to one of 55+ supported languages or the font.

The map design you create in Customize tool will automatically stay updated when we update the software running behind or add a new type of data.

Once you are happy with your design, you can log in or create a free account to save your changes and directly use it on your website or in the app.

Intelligent Maps: the magic behind

MapTiler Cloud offers more than just creating own design. Intelligent Maps can dynamically adapt colors, languages and data for individual visitors and perfectly fit the need of companies who use the maps in their web or mobile applications.

Your visitors can get a personalized map in the applications, with place names automatically displayed in their language, with highlights of most important places for each individual end-user - such as most often used bus stops, frequently visited restaurants or recent trips. It can be done based on the user’s preferences, his history, or data loaded from existing information systems. The maps can also change based on the day of the week, daytime and opening hours, so the user receives only the relevant information.2018-09-04-design-own-map-with-five-clicks-2.png

Free to try, no registration required

To create own map design, you need no registration. Simply visit our maps and start customizing your favorite one. After creating a free account, you can save your map and directly start using it in your web or app. 

Dalibor Janak

Dalibor Janak

Senior Product Manager & Tech Lead
Published on September 4th, 2018