Aerial imagery of the USA, Europe, and Japan on-prem

Published January 21st, 2022

High-resolution satellite map for offline

UPDATE: We have a new satellite map with an incredible resolution of 1-2m/px globally. Read more about it here: Global high-resolution satellite map

Serving satellite map of your region, country, and even entire world from your server behind a firewall or completely offline on your laptop is easy with MapTiler Server. Installation is done in a few mouse clicks using a standart installation wizard, downloading data is as simple as picking an area you want to have.

Global satellite maps from your server or laptop

We have the entire planet covered with our satellite imagery, in the most requested regions we blended in aerial photography in incredibly high resolution - up to 8cm/pixel - that’s where you can start counting the number of people sunbathing on the beach!

The global satellite map is our own cloudless map made from the latest 2021 imageries. The high-resolution aerial images cover the USA, most European countries, and Japan. Additional countries and updates are constantly being rolled into service as we process them.

Satellite and aerial imagery can be easily blended together; you can add vector data like roads or labels for context. Adding own satellite, aerial, drone imagery, but also vector data is equally simple: for details, visit the feature’s description page.

Try it yourself

To test how satellite imagery works in MapTiler Server, download the sample data (including Satellite low-res map, Street data, and Hybrid map style), drop it in your MapTiler Server folder, and enjoy the satellite map.


Self-hosted Cesium 3D map visualizations

To add even more real-world feeling, we offer terrain data for 3D maps that allow more tactical, intuitive, engaging, and artistic ways of displaying the topography.

The DEM data is ready for download in a format that can be directly used with the popular CesiumJS library. The dataset covers the entire planet in a resolution of 30x30 meters. For details, visit the product page.


Tableau Server compatibility and other cool features of MapTiler Server 4.0

Corporations and government organizations will appreciate Tableau integration possible with MapTiler Server, allowing you to visualize any kind of sensitive data on a map. The Tableau TMS endpoint is ready to be copied & pasted into Tableau, giving you access to detailed street and satellite maps of the entire world.

For more information, visit the Tableau user story or watch the how-to video:

Other features added since the last announcement:

  • Live maps from PostGIS
  • Map upload UI
  • Windows service in the background
  • Offline activation
  • MapLibre GL JS inside
  • Notification about a new version
  • Submit a bug button

For the full list of new features, see the changelog or visual list of released features.

Oliwer Urban

Oliwer Urban

Product Manager
Published on January 21st, 2022