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Tableau: Offline maps for business intelligence



Tableau is the world’s leading visual analytics platform for modern business intelligence that helps millions of people to see and understand their data.

Complete data privacy for Tableau users

Business data of Tableau clients is fully protected. MapTiler does not collect and provide any personal information to third parties.

Own geodata can be integrated with all maps, running in a secure environment or offline to ensure the highest level of privacy for users’ sensitive company data.

privacy maps

Offline background maps for Tableau

Tableau’s customers can easily add world maps running offline from their own computer or in a local network via MapTiler Server.

MapTiler Data provides its users with ready-to-use packages for publishing interactive map solutions from their own hardware, to show geographic context for any dataset.

maps from server

Customizable, dynamic & lightning fast maps

Fast map loading & smooth zoom in Tableau is enabled via vector tile technology. Maps can be hosted and served locally, or from MapTiler Cloud’s reliable global infrastructure.

Customizing all map elements, such as colors, labels, symbols, and languages to create branded map design is quick and easy with MapTiler Cloud customize tool.

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How to add MapTiler maps into Tableau

Base maps that highlight your business data

Street and satellite maps of the entire world

Visualizations for your business data

We provide full stack

  • Base maps

  • Secure self-hosting

  • JavaScript components for visualization

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