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MapTiler QGIS plugin

Basemaps in QGIS from MapTiler Cloud.
Add customized OpenStreetMap, terrain, and satellite layers with a few clicks.

QGIS with MapTiler maps

How to Install the plugin

The plugin is available directly from the “Official” QGIS Plugin repository. Installation can be done in a few easy steps.

The source code of the plugin and issue tracking is available from the GitHub repository.

  1. Open QGIS
  2. Click on menu “Plugins” -> “Manage and Install Plugins...”
  3. Search for “maptiler”
  4. Click on “Install Plugin”
  5. Restart QGIS after installation

Work with global terrain data

Add terrain data for anywhere in the world to QGIS.
Use the terrain for:

  • hillshading
  • hypsometry
  • analytical applications
  • 3D terrain modeling

Print OpenStreetMap as vector maps

Add OpenStreetMap as vector tiles to your QGIS project. Export maps as SVG or PDF with the Print Composer.

map printed using the MapTier QGIS plugin
QGIS with detailed satellite map of the entire world

Beautiful cloud-free satellite backdrops

Use MapTiler’s 2021 Cloud-free satellite imagery as a stunning background to your data.

Powered by MapTiler Cloud

Maps from the plugin come from the MapTiler Cloud platform.

Customize look and feel of maps, add your own data and host on our reliable infrastructure.

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Tool for map designers to create customized maps usable in QGIS
QGIS maps powered by OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetmap data made ready to use

Vector basemaps are created with OpenStreetMap data.

OpenMapTiles schema used to define the layers and features available on the maps.

About OpenMapTiles

Support for TileJSON and GL Style JSON

Use the plugin to load any map defined with Mapbox GL Style specification - from a URL you provide.

More raster external sources with link to TileJSON. It is also possible to open maps.

json code usable in QGIS

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