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Basic map for overlays

The perfect lightweight and informative basemap for overlaying your own geodata.

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Basic map context with minimum distraction

Let your spatial data shine on top of the Basic map style.

Administrative boundaries
Administrative boundaries
Named places
Named places
Roads network
Roads network
Natural features
Natural features
Building footprints
Building footprints
Map of Washington D.C.

Add your own data on top

MapTiler Basic is designed for overlaying your geospatial data with style. Users may not get distracted by vivid colors or flashy icons and thus focus on your data rather than on the background.

Use this map as a foundation for store locators, citizen portals, mobile apps, or business intelligence dashboards.

Cartographic assets

A pale color palette lets your analytics data shine out. Your data overlay will get better readability without distraction by less critical basemap features.

Map Colors

Place locations are highlighted by simplistic typography. The readability of labels is improved by contrasting pastel colors in the background and dark grey labels on top.

Map Labels


Use MapTiler Basic is the language of your audience. More than 70 languages are supported.

Map of Europe
Map of Tel Aviv
Arabic basemap
Japanese map

Other map styles

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