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Light mode maps for your website & apps

Light versions are available for our core map styles.

Light map of USA with population

Light color variants for every usecase

Easily switch to light mode in any of our core styles.
Create data visualizations with impact without having to design the map as well.
Light mode removes the colors and lets your data stand out.

Basic map


A lightweight and
informative base map

dataviz map


Specially designed to
highlight your data

Map of Luxembourg in MapTiler Streets Light map style


Complete and legible map for navigation and mobility

Switch between Light & Dark

  • Combine dark with light or color variants to switch basemaps to suit the skin of your app.
  • Create maps that change to match your user’s settings.
  • Switch the variant based on ambient light, taking a regular or light style to one that won’t dazzle them.
Find out how
Map of USA

Data visualization with impact

Light maps are the ideal foundation for:

  • business intelligence dashboards
  • data visualizations for publication
  • giving geographical context to your data

These maps are easy to use on the web, in data visualization software like Tableau and in GIS software such as ArcPro and QGIS.

How to visualize data on web maps
How to use basemaps in Qgis
data on the light map

More light themes available

Looking for a light version of another Map Style? Light variants are available for the following map styles, as well as many of our country specific maps:

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3 easy steps to get light maps

step 1 new map in MapTiler Cloud


Login to Cloud and click
New Map

Step 2 select map o MapTiler Cloud


Select the best style for
your map

Step 3 choose light/dark variant of map on MapTiler Cloud


Choose the light or pastel,
then customize or use it

Available as:

vector tiles

Vector tiles

MapTiler SDK, native MVT clients

raster tiles

Raster tiles

map services

Map services


Other map styles

Start using DataViz Light via Maps API


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