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3D maps for your website & apps

Our 3D maps of the world let you explore the planet in rich detail.

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3D world maps with buildings and terrain

Global 3D terrain ready to use with any of our map styles
3D buildings aid with navigation in built up areas
Easy to code with JavaScript examples

MapTiler image streets.webp


World map for mobility,
transit and navigation

MapTiler image outdoor.webp


The perfect map for
outdoor activities

3d satellite map


Up-to-date imagery for
the whole world

Build your own 3D world map

Create a realistic 3D map of the world with the satellite layer from MapTiler Cloud.

Include roads and placenames for context by using the hybrid layer.

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Navigation with 3D Maps

Build an immersive experience with 3D buildings to help your users navigate the city and find their destination.

Use MapTiler Streets which contains building height data.

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Maps with 3D for adventure

Show the terrain in 3D to give your users the best experience when hiking, biking, or skiing.

Use MapTiler’s Outdoor and Winter maps which include details of hiking trails and ski slopes.

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Available as:

vector tiles

Vector tiles

MapTiler SDK, native MVT clients

raster tiles

Raster tiles

map services

Map services


Other map styles

Start using 3D via Maps API

const map = new maptilersdk.Map({ terrain: true  });
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