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Streets map for transportation

First-class map with highlighted transportation network with 3D cities.

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The right information at every scale

Up-to-date information shows up as you zoom in on the map.

administrative boundaries

Administrative boundaries

Named places

Named places

Road Network

Road Network

Points of interest

Points of interest

3D buildings

3D cities

Find your way in 3D cities

Explore any territory, metropolitan area, or transportation network with MapTiler Streets.

Easy-to-read cartography and high-contrast colors help you navigate through complex cityscapes.

Street names, house numbers, and buildings footprints provide the map reader with a detailed neighborhood representation.

Map of New York in Streets map style

Cartographic assets

MapTiler Streets uses a balanced palette of vibrant colors resulting in a fresh and joyful look n’ feel.

colour palette of street map

Highways, lanes, and paths are represented with a clear hierarchy making the roads network easy to understand.

Symbols of the streets map

Selected points of interest are displayed at each zoom level with meaningful colored icons.

Icons of points of interest

Place names are rendered with the Ubuntu font family with different weights for easy-to-read map labels.

Labels form Street map style


Use MapTiler Streets in the language of your audience. More than 70 languages are supported.

map of Bangkok
map of Kyjev written in Cyrilic
3D map of Dubai with arabic names
Map of Tokyo with Japanese labels

Available as:

vector tiles

Vector tiles

MapTiler SDK, native MVT clients

raster tiles

Raster tiles

map services

Map services


Other map styles

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