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MapTiler Countries: country and postal and administrative units

Build maps with ready-to-use detailed boundaries of administrative divisions and postal areas of states. Merge your data and build beautiful maps proving insights.

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Explore administrative units

countries & states, divisions, provinces, municipalities, regions, districts, zip codes

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District polygons for choropleth maps

Use detailed boundary data of the entire world and administrative units & postal areas of the most frequently displayed regions, to present data to your audience on overview maps.

Color countries and their divisions to show election results, sociological & demographical data and more.

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Choropleth map in a browser

Precise geometries at every zoom level

Make your data stand out by using our accurate boundaries. The borders of sub-divisions match precisely with the countries and let users focus on exploring the information without distraction.

Join data from your analysis to locations using names, ISO Alpha-2, codes, Wikidata ID, and other attributes included in the vector tiles.

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California counties map

Join your spreadsheet to boundaries & regions

Display & style data using MapTiler SDK and other standard web JavaScript libraries. Join your tabular data with MapTiler Countries to style datasets directly in the code.

Do you have dynamically changing data? Create real-time visualizations based on shared files. Load MapTiler Countries using the API and connect it using the attributes included.

Code snippet with OpenLayers, Leaflet, and MapLibre

Show atractive infographics in News & Media

Show atractive infographics in
News & Media

choropleth map

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choropleth map

video map

Make stunning video maps using Adobe After Effects

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Highlight countries and territorial units on a map

Are you sharing information about a region or state? Do you want to show where the latest news is happening? Highlight it easily on a map using MapTiler Countries. Define the country or region you want to share, and change the color of the polygons and lines.

Combine MapTiler countries with MapTiler Planet or MapTiler Planet Lite to get the city names. That is a perfect way to give geographical context to your post or news without additional cost. The dataset is available in every account on MapTiler Cloud.

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Map of Afghanistan for a TV news

Visually style admin units in your browser

Choose the administrative or postal layers you want and customize them using the Edit Style tool. Set the colors of chosen states or territories, filter out those you don’t want to show, all directly in your browser.

By switching layers on and off and on, adding new ones, filtering areas by attribute, you can build a brand new choropleth map hosted via MapTiler Cloud.

Style your map

Make your data stand out

Show your data with context. Whether you show data for the entire world or just one region, MapTiler Cloud offers ready-to-use street and satellite basemaps. Choose the perfect map for your data.

Do you need map that fits your brand or web design? Make your own map style in just a few click with the Customize tool. Change colors of layers, and choose fitting font for labels.

Base maps that highlight your data

Street and satellite maps of the entire world