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Terrain data for maps

Hillshade, contour lines, and digital elevation models data for your next project. Global coverage blended into seamless terrain.

High-resolution terrain data merged from multiple sources with resolution 30x30 meters.

Use Via maps Api

Terrain RGB for DEM

Use elevation data encoded into the RGB model. Improve your maps with elevation visualizations render dynamically and smoothly on the client.

Use the data to create Digital Elevation Models: 3D representations of elevation data to show Earth's terrain or elevation profiles.

Terrain RGB of the entire world with elevation data

Contour lines

Contour lines connect points on a map with the same elevation and are used to visualize the shape of the land surface.

You can show contour lines in meters or feet and change their color over glaciers. They help you to plan routes for hikes or other outdoor activities.

contour lines on a map

Ready to use base maps

Choose 3D, Topo, Topographique, Outdoor, or another map style with terrain data.

Streets map
Satellite map
Basic map
light map
Dark map
Outdoor map
Winter map
3d terrain


The hillshade layer contains shaded relief of mountains and adds 3D feel to your maps.

Suitable for outdoor, topographic, and hazard maps.

global hillshade with a high-resolution

Terrain 3D - Cesium quantized mesh

Quantized-mesh terrain tileset for the popular CesiumJS library.

Create effective 3D visualizations by combining terrain data with high-resolution aerial imagery to create photorealistic landscapes. Terrain can be fused with any other map to add a 3D effect.

3D map for Cesium JavaScrip library