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Satellite imagery & aerial photos

We have processed the open data satellite imagery of the whole world, adjusted look&feel and carefully stitched all individual input files to create a seamless map layer with beautiful colors.

Satellite imagery is now complemented by aerial photos of individual countries. Now you can see complete USA, Netherlands, Denmark and selected cities like Prague, Zurich, and others.

All data is available as one satellite layer in MapTiler Cloud.
We are also providing data for self-hosting.

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Available areas and resolutions

  • Countries
  • Cities
Area Resolution per pixel Date Status
World 10 m 2008 On Cloud
USA 1-2 m & locally higher On Cloud
Czech republic 2.5 m 2008 On Cloud
Denmark 12.5 cm 2018 On Cloud
Finland 50 cm 2010-2018 On Cloud
Luxemburg 25 cm 2018 On Cloud
Netherlands 25 cm 2016 On Cloud
Slovakia 2.5 m 2008 On Cloud
Hungary 2.5 m 2006-2008 On Cloud
Switzerland 2.5 m 2010 On Cloud
Germany 2.5 m 2014 On Cloud
Spain 1.5 m 2014-2016 On Cloud
Portugal 1.5 m 2014-2016 On Cloud
Greece 1.5 m 2014-2016 On Cloud
Romania 2.5 m 2006-2008 On Cloud
Italy 1.5 m 2014-2016 On Cloud
Great Britain 2.5 m 2012 On Cloud
Area Resolution per pixel Date Status
New York 15 cm On Cloud
San Francisco 15 cm On Cloud
Washington DC 8 cm On Cloud
Prague 10 cm 2016 On Cloud
Zurich 12.5 cm On Cloud
Berlin 20 cm 2016 On Cloud
Koeln 2018 On Cloud

USA Aerial Photography

MapTiler Satellite contains aerial imagery of the United States. Data is based on the National Agriculture Imagery Program (USDA NAIP) and High-Resolution Orthoimages (USGS HRO) with a resolution down to 1‑2 meters per pixel and supplemented by even more accurate images for selected cities.

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Free satellite data download

Satellite images are also available for self-hosting. In different resolutions, they are downloadable as MBTiles packages from the OpenMapTiles Downloads section.

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Process big data with MapTiler Cluster

Processing of large volumes of data can be parallelized on multiple computers using MapTiler Cluster to significantly decrease the rendering time.

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