Online GeoEditor

Simply draw on your maps with your friends or colleagues online

GeoEditor for web is a simple online app for collaborative creating and editing of basic geographical data - just draw points, polygons and lines on top of the maps directly in a web browser. For every shape, you can record additional information or attach a photo. It is also perfect if you want to load your existing online maps made with MapTiler and draw on top of these.

Collaborative online

Simply draw on your maps with your friends or colleagues online. GeoEditor uses socket technology for a quick data transfer from browser to browser. Share your project and se changes realtime. Best solution for quick process of large datasets.

Google drive as storage

GeoEditor is designed for quick use with Google drive as storage for your data. Created features can be saved to Google Drive by pressing a button. You can also open files from Google Drive in GeoEditor.

From raster to vector

Raster maps processed with MapTiler can be quickly opened in GeoEditor. Best for creating vector overlay on raster map. It allows you to make derivative vector data from your images. This could be a source for interaction layer or spatial analyzes.

Google Drive app

App for quick display of GeoJSON from your Drive. Add it to your account from the Chrome Web Store. The app feels native on Chromebooks or any device with Google Chrome browser, but it runs in all latest web browsers.

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