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Cadastre map

Parcels, buildings, their numbers, land-use along with the most precise geometry and additional information for interconnecting with authoritiess and their services.

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Cadastre map with and without Satellite

Cadastral maps as vector data

Sharp detail even when zoomed right in, our cadastral maps are built with Vector Tiles, so you can navigate without losing the detail as you would on a scanned paper map. Vector tiles are also compact and very quick to load, meaning you don’t have to wait for results.

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Vector map

Universal dataset schema

The schema for the data is intentionally minimalistic, enough to style the data, identify the land parcel, and link through to the official documentation for the legally valid details, such as ownership information and history. Keeping the detail in the official documentation means the schema will also work with data from any country as we build an international cadastral map.

The data are not covering all parts of word, but we can easily add new countries. Is your country missing? Please contact our support.

Cadastre schema page
schema: cadastre data with attributes

Regular updates

The data are regularly updated on montly basis to make sure, users of your map will get the most up-to-date data in their map. The update process is automated to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Keep in mind, that we are not synchronyzing our dataset just-in-time with the official authorities of each national survey office. For more detailed information about how to use the Cadastre dataset for legal action purposes, contact our support.


Cadastre map style

We have also prepared nice looking map based on the cadastre data schema, which is simple and informative, highlighting the parcel types and displaying parcel numbers.

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Cadastre map style in MapTiler Cloud

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Vector tiles

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