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Business Intelligence

Analyze your business data with maps

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Maps that highlight your data

Let your data stand out with ready to use street and satellite maps, including dark and light options.

Customize any elements of the map, tone down the colors, hide labels or symbols, change language.

Create consistent look & feel reports for decision-makers that perfectly match your company brand - all in just a few clicks.

Tableau with a map

Privacy for your sensitive business data

Our map services respect the end-users' privacy and do not collect any personal data. Only with self-hosted options, you are ensured the highest level of privacy for your sensitive company data.

MapTiler Server allows you to serve maps from your server or laptop, behind firewalls, or intranet.

Or publish and run maps with MapTiler Cloud from your own infrastructure, in a private cloud or completely offline.

Business Intelligence software with self-hosted maps

Smooth browsing with reliable maps

Lightening-fast map experience and a seamless browsing on maps - even with billions of points.

Reliable thanks to a global infrastructure with 150+ servers on 5 continents. Load the background maps from MapTiler Cloud.

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Developer-friendly Maps APIs

Your developers can build real-time web dashboards with popular open-source JavaScript viewers - OpenLayers, Leaflet, MapLibre or MapTiler SDK and the same maps.

Maps are easy to integrate in your products including native platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

Business Intelligence software with maps in browser and in mobile application

Customers success stories

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Elastic helps millions of people explore and analyze their data differently using the power of search. MapTiler maps are used for spatial data visualization in dashboards.

elastic app interface


Tableau uses MapTiler base maps in the visual analytics platform for modern business intelligence that enables millions of people to see and understand their data.

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Tableau software with a custom map
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The world’s leading Location Intelligence platform - allowing hundreds of thousands of users to unlock the power of spatial analysis with MapTiler maps.

Carto board with a map

Visualizations for your business intelligence

We provide full stack

  • Base maps

  • Data processing workflow (GRIB2, NetCDF)

  • JavaScript components for visualization

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