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Geospatial big data processing technology

Delegate the map rendering workload
to multiple computers

Run on Google Cloud

MapTiler Cluster processing aerial imagery of california
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Features of MapTiler Engine

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Fast data processing

Utilize the full power of your computer to turn the data into maps.

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Freedom of map hosting

Host your maps wherever you want: on your server, in the cloud, behind a firewall or even offline.

Your data is protected

Control where your data is processed: on your infrastructure, in a private or public cloud.

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Web and mobile ready

Display maps on the web or in your application. Use on Android, iOS or in desktop GIS.

maps on various devices
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MapTiler Cluster introduction

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Available on Google Cloud

MapTiler Cluster is currently available on Google Cloud Platform. You can try it for free in marketplace and buy the full license there.

Our engineers can deploy the system on any other public or private cloud platform on request.

Our extremely fast Cloudpush technology can transfer the data to and from various cloud storage services like Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Storage.

Try for free on Google Cloud
MapTiler Cluster is running on Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon S3, and other public or private clouds
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MapTiler Cluster introduction

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Host maps on MapTiler Cloud

Hosting of open maps on reliable global infrastructure. We take care of the infrastructure so you can concentrate on your business.

Try MapTiler Cloud
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