Features of MapTiler Mobile

Add points & annotate

Collect field data by creating points, lines and polygons, track your position, add notes, fill custom properties and attach photos.

Import your own maps

Load you scanned maps and other overlays and compare it using the opacity slider. Navigate with GPS position.

Offline & data sync

Use all downloaded maps offline, synchronize collected data when you go online.

Preview your map designs

Choose from various basemaps like street and satellite. Preview on a mobile device the map you previously designed with own colors and fonts.

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App under your brand

MapTiler Mobile can be modified for your business purpose, tailored to the needs of your customers and released under your company brand on App Store and Google Play.

The native source code is available for Android and iOS. All updates are included through our private GitHub repository.

If you are interested, contact sales or buy the source code.

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MapTiler Cloud integration

MapTiler Cloud is a map and geodata hosting service. It allows you to store and synchronize data between multiple devices, so you can collaborate on a project with your team.

Data collected with the MapTiler Mobile app is possible to modify on a desktop computer using tools in MapTiler Cloud and share it online.

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Comfortable drawing tools

Draw points, polygons and lines on the maps directly in the mobile device. Collect field data and notes related to a location, attach a photo and fill custom attributes for features you make.

Import your own maps into the mobile device

It is easy to import scanned hiking maps, PDF maps, drone aerial imagery, nautical charts for sailing and navigation with a boat or a yacht, fishing maps, aeronautical charts for flight planning by pilots, parcels and city plans and other geodata or opendata from local government.

Just use MapTiler desktop software to send the maps to the mobile.

Base maps from OpenStreetMap to Google

OpenStreetMap vector base maps are powered by OpenMapTiles project. In the online mode, you also get the high-quality global satellite and street maps from Google for your overlays. Custom maps can be added from existing tile servers with TileJSON, WMTS or XYZ tiles.

Display GPS position

Precise geo location is displayed on the maps in your device. Magnetic compass and rotation in the direction you are heading are available too.

Standardized data formats

The app supports GeoJSON and MBTiles formats, transfer via cable or SD card and online synchronization via Google Drive for basic sharing of the data with other people! Perfect for mobile data collection for GIS and surveys.

Opacity adjustment

The opacity slider gives you a possibility to compare your scanned map with the background map layer - as the app displays foreground map as an overlay of a selected background map.

It works even offline

You do not need to be online to work with your map! Just go wherever you want and collect field data related to the particular location.

Rebrand and use it for your business

Speed up development and release of your own mobile application. Our app can be modified according to your needs and released under your company name on the app stores.

Just build your own business logic on top of our source code and make a mobile app for your customers showing your maps! More info about the mobile app source code.