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OpenStreetMap server setup

Run OpenStreetMap server on-premise, behind a firewall, on an intranet, or even offline in a few clicks with MapTiler Server.

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Openstreetmap running from own server on-premises
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OpenStreetMap on own hardware

Run OSM maps from your server, desktop PC, or laptop.

Get maps into a secure environment behind a firewall or entirely offline.

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Tiled OpenStreetMap

Power your maps with pregenerated OpenStreetMap data of the entire world.

Use one of the beautiful map styles or create your own.

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openstreetmap with custom toner style for self-hosting

Ready to use base maps

Street and satellite maps of the entire world

leaflet js library in MapTiler Server

PNG tiles for Leaflet & OpenLayers

Insert pregenerated OSM vector tiles and immediately get PNG tiles for Leaflet or OpenLayers libraries.

Standardized web map services for OpenStreetMap

Use OGC map services to load your OpenStreetMap in various software tools, from GIS and business analytics tools to your secure dashboards and applications running completely without the internet.

Server exposes links with XYZ scheme, TileJSON, and Web Map Tile Service (WMTS).

self-hosted maps in QGIS

Available as:

Vector tiles

MapTiler SDK, native MVT clients

Raster tiles

Leaflet, OpenLayers, XYZ

Map services


Static maps

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Try MapTiler Server now!

Available for Windows, macOS , Linux, and Docker as a single file installer.

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