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Reduce the size of map tiles and create extracts from MBTiles

Speed up loading your maps, decrease the storage size, and lower bandwidth with TileShrink

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statistics of how tileshrink makes your tiles smaller

Faster map loading

Reduce decoding time by cutting out unnecessary features.

Faster map loading

Lower bandwidth

Save data transfer rate by serving smaller map tiles.

Lower bandwidth

Decrease storage size

Use maps on mobile phones and other devices with limited capacity.

Decrease storage size

Remove unnecessary areas

Decide which areas should be displayed from each dataset.

Remove unnecessary areas

SHRINK: Strip away unused features

Remove unnecessary attributes, features, or languages from vector tiles. Reduce down to 40% of original size. Done automatically for selected map style.

smaller style.json

CLIP: Cut out areas or zoom levels

Define area of any shape with GeoJSON and create a new vector tile package containing vector tiles correctly clipped at the border.

Czech republic cut out of unnecessary areas

EXTRACTS: get an extract defined by a bounding box

Get quickly a subset of features by keeping only vector tiles overlapping specified geographic rectangle (bounding box) defined by min and max of latitude and longitude.

bounding box defining boundaries of a map

TileShrink 1024 USD

One time purchase of source code. You will get access to a private GitHub repository.

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Works with any data, the best match with MapTiler Data.

TileShrink can be used with standard OpenMapTiles schema as well as with your custom vector tile schema as an input. Get street, satellite, and terrain data of the entire planet.

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example of MapTiler Streets, MapTiler Outdoor and MapTiler Sattelite