OpenMapTiles 3.10 improving water layer

Published June 14th, 2019

OpenMapTiles 3.10 with islands

The new version of our open-source map publishing project OpenMapTiles 3.10 improves many water features, updates boundaries, brings new points of interest and adds four new languages.

Water layer improvements 

The whole import-water repository was updated with newly generated data we use for displaying oceans as OpenStreetMap Data is changing its URL. Together with this, the water polygon schema was changed to ensure there are no islands clipped or missing.

Intermittent water bodies and waterways can be now distinguished from the permanent ones. This is especially helpful in areas where mobility is strongly bounded by seasonal weather changes (e.g. wadis in desert areas).2019-06-14-openmaptiles-3-10-improving-water-layer-2.pngMost of the rivers in Muscat, Oman, are intermittent

Boundary updates

The Boundary layer will have from now more frequently updated data. This is by changing the data provider from Natural Earth to OpenStreetMap starting zoom level 4. This improves things like displaying regions of France.2019-06-14-openmaptiles-3-10-improving-water-layer-3.png

Other improvements in OpenMapTiles 3.10

  • Volcanoes added to the Mountain Peak layer
  • Parking places and dormitories added as POI
  • Tracks added to the Landuse layer
  • Possibility to choose the surface of the ways and color of the buildings if tagged in data
  • Four new languages added: Indonesian, Basque/Euskara, Occitan and Corsican (OpenMapTiles now supports 63 languages!)

2019-06-14-openmaptiles-3-10-improving-water-layer-4.pngNew parking places POIs

New tiles with all changes are available for download on or ready to use on MapTiler Cloud.

Eva Jelinkova

Eva Jelinkova

Geodata Specialist & Cartographer
Published on June 14th, 2019