Upload Tiles to MapTiler Server 4.3 via API

Published May 4th, 2023

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What’s new in 4.3:

  • Smoother automated workflows, you can upload new tiles via API
  • Easier to use API:
    • functionality aligned with the Cloud API
    • documentation updates
  • License changes, get your new key now!
  • Improved raster handling, faster and more efficient

Download the latest version of MapTiler Server for free now!

Download MapTiler Server 4.3

Uploading tiles via API and using the Maps API now possible

MapTiler Server’s admin API enables you to adjust the Server configuration using API (authenticated Admin API) instead of just using the GUI (Graphical user interface). In addition to the controls made available in 4.2 you can now use the following functions:

  • Tiles API
    • upload
    • detail
    • change ID
  • Maps API
    • list
    • Detail
    • publish/unpublish
    • remove
    • change (rasterization)

The Server API now has the same functionality as the Cloud API. This means that anyone wanting to move between these environments will be able to port their code very easily.

Access documentation offline via the software

We’ve made it easy to access the documentation for the Public API wherever you are working:

  • Online
  • OpenAPI
  • Offline: Access the documentation through Settings → API


This means that where ever you are wanting to access maps from MapTiler Server, the documentation will be on hand.

Improved Licensing library

MapTiler Server 4.3 includes a new licensing library. In order to activate the new 4.3 version, you will need to head to the Data Dashboard and upgrade your license. There are no additional costs or complications when you do this.2023-05-04-upload-tiles-to-maptiler-server-4-3-via-api-3.pngWe hope to use this upgrade to bring you some exciting new options in the future.

Better raster handling

Finally, we have improved the rasterization module for Windows and Linux users (Mac coming soon). The change has improved the performance and, most notably, reduced the amount of memory required when creating raster tiles.

Start serving maps from your infrastructure now with MapTiler Server! 


For the full list of new features, see the changelog or the visual list of released features.

Oliwer Urban

Oliwer Urban

Product Manager
Published on May 4th, 2023