MapTiler 7: Auto-save and new georeferencing

Published July 14th, 2016

MapTiler Engine 7

New georeferencing interface 

The visual georeferencing process was completely redesigned. Scanned maps and images missing geographical location can be positioned directly. There is a new Overlay option, where it is possible to toggle between the image and background map with a Shift button. Adding more control points this way is faster and more precise - and the overlay is immediately recalculated.

It is possible to preview the exact location of the whole map before rendering the map tiles!

Five transformations are available for the best fit and users needs: Scaled, Similarity, Affine, Polynomial, TPS: 


You can type coordinates numerically, and all EPSG spatial reference systems are supported out of the box!

Auto-save of the georeference

When a file is reopened, previous manually done georeference is again loaded on the same computer. This saves time on scanned maps, that have been already georeferenced and only need rerendering or further adjustments.

Other new features

Next to the improvements in the georeferencing process, there are several new features, and improvements coming with MapTiler 7:

  • Map portal with your logo and maps is online with one click, hosted on Amazon or Google cloud! More details in a future blog post.
  • Retina/HighDPI tiles (@2x and @3x) with ready to use OpenLayers viewer on all map profiles, including raster!
  • Background map added to MBTiles preview on Desktop (just double-click on a .mbtiles file!)
  • Shortcut icons for easy upload of the maps to mobile app and to cloud hosting
  • Legend, including image, stored in metadata of generated MBTiles maps 
  • HTTPS hosting on Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage offered directly
  • Now unavailable MapQuest maps were replaced with our own OpenStreetMap base maps

And, from now on we have versions without zero in the beginning - so after 0.6.4 comes now 7.0!

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Martin Mikita

Martin Mikita

Senior Tech Lead & Developers Chief
Published on July 14th, 2016