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Published July 31st, 2020

MySwitzerland tourist portal map

MapTiler is excited to announce a partnership with (Switzerland Tourism, the national tourism organization), just in time for the Swiss National Holiday! All year round, Switzerland welcomes millions of tourists and many rely on the Switzerland Tourism website to plan their journeys. Organizing your trip has never been easier, with the updated maps, powered by MapTiler. 

Functional and Beautiful

Switzerland offers hundreds of summer and winter destinations, popular with both international and local tourists. The hardest part can be choosing what to do! With the functional and beautiful maps, users can easily explore different options, filtering by destinations, accommodations, experiences, and transportation & lodging.

Users can view all the options within the country, or zoom to their specific neighborhood or destination for a detailed view. These interactive features are powered by technology and map data provided to Switzerland Tourism through MapTiler Cloud.2020-07-31-myswitzerland-ch-now-powered-by-maptiler-cloud-2.pngUsers can also search for specific experiences or locations, and navigate to a detail page about their desired locations. On that page, users can view another map, allowing them to easily search for hotels, lodgings, and restaurants. All of these features help visitors to Switzerland plan and envision their adventures before even stepping foot in the country!2020-07-31-myswitzerland-ch-now-powered-by-maptiler-cloud-3.png

Full Customization with MapTiler Cloud

One of the major benefits of MapTiler Cloud is the ability to customize maps, allowing to show to their users exactly what they need to see, without any clutter.

The “Customize” and “Edit” tools let Switzerland Tourism freely select which features to highlight at different levels of zoom, including mountain peaks, national parks, and major transportation corridors. These tools also allowed to adjust the map styling to fit the look and feel of their brand. 

Integration was as simple as switching a few lines of code to call the custom map API, designed in MapTiler Cloud. We are proud to make it easy for our clients to make maps their way!2020-07-31-myswitzerland-ch-now-powered-by-maptiler-cloud-4.png

Proud to Support Swiss Tourism

With the impacts of the coronavirus crisis being felt across the tourism industry, MapTiler is glad to support travelers’ safe and effective planning trips. With interactive maps, tourists from all over the world can plan adventures from the safety of their homes and make sure the experiences and accommodations are right for them.

Switzerland Tourism has an important role in facilitating travelers in visiting this beautiful country, and MapTiler is very proud to support this effort.

Luis Suter

Luis Suter

Sales Director
Published on July 31st, 2020