Effortless uploads to MapTiler Cloud from MapTiler Engine 13.2

Published February 27th, 2024

MapTiler Engine 13.2

MapTiler Engine 13.2 is out! Get ready for exciting new features that make it much easier to interact with the MapTiler platform and communicate with our team.

Key benefits

  • Tileset Upload to MapTiler Cloud via CLI 🚀
  • Free Online Hosting and Styling
  • Streamlined Support and Feedback




Tileset Upload to MapTiler Cloud via CLI 🚀

Automate the entire map processing and publishing process from command line interface with the new MapTiler Engine 13.2! This functionality enables you to seamlessly upload your tilesets to MapTiler Cloud from MapTiler Engine. It is now available in the Pro and Enterprise versions using both the command line (CLI) and graphical user interface (GUI).



Map upload documentation (CLI)


Free Online Hosting and Styling

It’s much easier to share maps online from MapTiler Engine to your MapTiler Cloud account. Now, you're provided with a guaranteed FREE slot for your data. This means you can upload one tileset to MapTiler Cloud, delete it, and upload a new one again. You can also style your uploaded map, share it with your audience, and create a custom map from your tileset and one of our high-resolution basemaps.

Opting to upgrade your MapTiler Cloud account offers hosting for more datasets, among other advantages like a higher limit for requests/sessions for map loads.

How to upload maps from Engine app (GUI) Read how to host data on MapTiler Cloud


Direct Line to Support and Product Feedback

We’ve added quick access to technical support via the contact link within the application. Now, it’s much easier to get help from the support team if you encounter problems!

Improving the product is our priority, so we've simplified the way you can provide feedback. This option is visible in every MapTiler Engine window, allowing you to share your input anytime. Once your ideas for improvements are implemented, we will notify you.


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MapTiler Engine sets standards for map tiling software by integrating features that enable quick, convenient, and efficient creation of high-quality map tiles for your projects. Prepare your data for publishing on the web with ease using MapTiler Engine.


Jaroslav Polacek

Jaroslav Polacek

Product Manager
Published on February 27th, 2024