MapTiler 7.2: Mobile apps via Google Drive

Published December 14th, 2016

Custom maps for Android and iOS

We carefully listen to our customers and there is a new MapTiler 7.2 update packed with many most wanted features! 

Send your maps to a mobile phone or tablet and use it offline - directly from MapTiler user interface. The data transfer is done via Google Drive instead of Dropbox now.

Updated 7.2 version of MapTiler includes a Resume mode which means that your MapTiler will continue working where it was stopped. From now, MapTiler can also prevent deleting of unfinished tile datasets, you can set it directly from GUI or through command line with -keep_unfinished argument.

Together with this version of MapTiler, a brand new mobile app GeoEditor is released in beta-version. It display maps made with MapTiler, with possibilities to annotate the maps with features and attached photo. The app runs on Android and iOS phones and tablets. See more at

Vector tiles stored in MBTiles, such as those from our, can be previewed just by double click on your desktop. Direct upload of the vector tiles from MBTiles into Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage is possible as well!

MapTiler 7.2 also includes the following features:

  • Help menu in MapTiler contains online tutorials, manual and link to support
  • Docker image for latest MapTiler Pro on Docker Hub for easy deployment on any Linux distro or cloud:
  • New packages for latest versions of Fedora and Ubuntu linux
  • Multi-band images such as raw satellite data supported (reorder or ignore bands)
  • Added Baidu maps tile format popular in China
  • Geodetic tiles preset under Custom tiles
  • Latest leaflet viewer for generated tiles - including custom profile
  • Corners location input for easier indoor / floor maps positioning

The updated version is now available at Try it out for free now! 

Martin Mikita

Martin Mikita

Senior Tech Lead & Developers Chief
Published on December 14th, 2016